Πέμπτη, 8 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

A woman has no name but a number of faces.
A number unknown, unique for each unique act.

She plays leading parts in her every day life and she deserves the best. 
She chooses what she feels right and seems right for her. 

She is dressed in her best, for each day and she acts.
Lets follow and stroll along with her in this fascinating real life theatre. 


Styling: Nikos Zanas
Photographer: Yannis Paschakis
Model: Veronica Kos Ace Models
Make Up & Hair: Joanna Stella Papathanasiou
Designers: Constansy, Eleanna Katsira, Gaffer & Fluf, La Vaca Loca

Παρασκευή, 8 Ιουλίου 2016

Four days in Berlin - Showroom10 at Premium Fashion Trade Show

Journal 3


Premium exhibition in Berlin was one of the three exhibitions that showroom10 targeted for Spring Summer17, along with Pure in London and Revolver in Copenhagen.I was really anxious to go on this trip, it was my first time in Berlin and my fifth in Germany. I was eager to speak german after such a long time!  Summer is by far the best season to visit Germany, long days, short nights, good temperature. I m heading towards one of the most prestigious multicultural metropolis in Europe. I have heard so many good things about Berlin, "the city of many faces", "the city that never sleeps", "cultural city", "hedonistic hub" and so many other things that I was anxious to discover by myself. 

So little time after the trade show... to do everything but lets try!
27th June. In the morning we reached E. Venizelos airport with Nick (ChrisP brand), Eleanna (Eleanna Katsira accessories) and Aggeliki (Mummy's Boyfriend). Our flight took off at 11.00 p.m with no delay to Schoenefeld airport. 
By 15.00 o' clock we were already at Premium. The fair is a major trade show for advanced contemporary fashion. It is situated at a  huge area next to Gleisdreick train station and many interesting brands and designers from all over the world were registering at the entrance. 

We were chosen to exhibit at Pε:Pi studio, a contemporary corner influenced by South Korean attitude in fashion. "The buzz word for this attitude is FaPe [FεPi]- a shortened form for fashion people " in Korean. Organizers believe that Western culture has been stirred up by its enthusiasm for kimchi and K-pop, korean fashion is loud and challenging, aiming for cross-over rather than convention. The area was full with interesting designers trying to set up their staff. ChrisP with its edgy dresses and black and white collection of t-shirts, tank tops and pants fitted perfectly with the minimalistic approach of many designers from all over the world. Mummy's boyfriend hobo leather bags and back packs lend attitude to their wearer. The chinese weekender bag and the pocket bag are unique handmade leather items that many bloggers fell instantly in love with, in the following days. Eleanna Katsira's sandals and handmade bags made a big impression not only to fashion bloggers but to many retailers as well. People from Asia and Europe spend much time trying her sandals and carefully examining their fit.


Eleanna Katsira

Mummy's boyfriend

Early in the afternoon we left Premium to grab something to eat. 

We went at Kreuzberg very close to the exhibition at Bruckenstrasse and we sat at an amazing Vietnamese restaurant were we drunk caipirinhas and ate deliciously cooked Vietnamese plates. We ended up next to Charlottenburg Palace at our friends coffee shop. It was almost 20.00 o clock when we reached the apartment. 

No party tonight for me and my friends. See you tomorrow.
The good thing of having friends in different countries is finding your way easier in a city. Sofia and Linna guide and help us easily find train station, buses, tickets, super markets, bio shops and everything that would make our stay in Berlin more convenient. The palace next to our place invites you to take long walks in an area full of trees, lakes and flowers. Hope we have time to visit it before we go. 4 stops further there is the central zoo garden. Amazing... in the middle of the city you could see monkeys, and wild animals along with a big aquatic area. Berlin must be a good destination for families as well, thanks to a wealth of green spaces, the zoo and many other activities that the little ones can enjoy almost everyone.

In our first day at Premium we booked appointments with buyers and we saw also many Greek visitors, showrooms and fashion agents pay attention to our brands. There are many Greeks living in Berlin, I didn't know that and they were really eager to meet us. Fashion photographers, bloggers and press passed by our booth and gave us very good critics for our work. We exchanged cards and contacts with very important retailers around the world. 

As soon as the exhibition ended for the day we took the train to Klosterstrasse were the river canal is. Berliners' take full advantage of the weather to hit the streets, rivers and lakes and partake in endless events across the city. The more we were walking the more I realized that Berlin's combination of glamour and grit, which is bound to mesmerize anyone keen to explore its vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, intense parties and concerts announced on big advertisements on the streets. We sat at an Indian restaurant next to the river and we shared funny stories until very late. Berlin is like an endlessly fascinating 3D textbook where the past is very much present wherever you go. Sometimes you 've got this feeling that Berliners are people who love nothing more than a good time, much like us I must say! Everyone is out drinking beer, wine, drinks enjoying the good summer weather. 
Cheers friends see you tomorrow.
"If you want to know the future, look what a 12 year is doing with his mob". These words by Marco Stein, a very successful sales professional who has turned his attention to new projects, gave us different perspectives and food for thought. He came and found us at the exhibition and we had a very interesting conversation regarding our brands. 

The second day of the fashion trade show was an interesting one, a conference organised by Premium about the future in fashion was held in Kuhlhaus. It was about fashion's digitization. Fashion experts, industry insiders, designers, start up industries come together, meet, learn, discuss and network at one day event. On the 4th and 5th floor of Kuhlhaus I saw very interesting fashion exhibits, 3d printing jewelry and kinetic costumes. On the other side of the fair there were the big halls that great fashion brands exhibited. Thousand of visitors were walking around. I saw really interesting things but what captured my attention was an installation by a renowed artist Johny Dar. Johny Dar convinced 100 celebrities to donate a pair of jeans that he customized. All
jeans became individual works of art. Fifteen "Jeans for Refugees" were chosen and an installation was made at Premium. The jeans will then be presented in a catwalk show and all creation will be set on display at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Each artwork will be sold at a special charity auction. Some of the celebrities that gave their jeans: Anna Wintour, Benicio del Toro, Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, David Kopperfield, Kate Moss, Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, Ryan Gosling and many others. *www.jeansforrefugees.com
Coming from a country were the refugee crisis hit big time, I must say that I strongly support all auctions made to arose awareness for this matter.

After 4 days here, meeting Berliners, seeing how they act, work out, drink, eat and move around, I think locals are followers of the 'live and let live' attitude and that is why they put greater emphasis on personal freedom and creative lifestyle.  
Today was our last day in the exhibition, we made friends here and we exchanged ideas. What I would like to say for this day since it was my birthday as well, is that people from all over the world come together when they share a common cause. When they feel that it is them and the people around them, that share the same problem and they have to do something about it. Power is unity, and it doesn't matter how small the group is but how united it is. Also I would like to say that, what makes someone important in his/her work apart from actually doing his/her work, is to be and act like a human. It is so hard to find people that they actually do their jobs and at the same time are authentic and persons with good qualities, respect for their fellow humans and kind. I would like to special thank Yin, who had the sweetest and nicest face from all the people working in Premium. Hope we meet again!
After the end of Premium we decided to celebrate my birthday in Mitte. Cafes and bar restaurants are jammed at all hours, making drinking a religious rite and clubs keep going until late hours. Size-wise, Berlin is pretty big but its key areas are wonderfully compact and easily navigated on foot, by bike or by using public transport. 

I see Berlin as a bon vivant city, passionately feasting, never taking things – or itself – too seriously. It embraced me, inspired me, accepted me and made me feel good about myself, the world and other people; A meeting place for arts, fashion, party, business and more. The food is delicious and cheap everywhere and we chose restaurants with cuisines from different countries around the world, Vietnam, India, Japan, Germany, Turkey and of course we drunk cocktails that cost from 4-7 euros. 
Few hours before we departed we walked around the area of Mitte. We found lovely stores there and very nice cafes. I enjoyed my trip to Berlin, we had great time there and hopefully we turn back again on the next Premium fashion trade show.

Πέμπτη, 11 Φεβρουαρίου 2016

Brussels-Antwerp Journal 2: Showroom10 exports Greek Designers to the world

Thuesday  19/1/2016, 16:50  afternoon flight to Brussels. So exchited about this trip,  meet with new people, new shops and markets to discover. The first out of a series of trips that will follow for Showroom10.
Cosy flight , cold arrival at -4 degrees Brussels. Hosted at a traditional Belgium house, welcomed by friends , warm atmosphere.
Relaxing a little bit, some hot tea with milk and set our plans for the next day. Wednesday in Brussels, Thursday in Antwerp.

Wednesday 20/1/2016, cant wait to walk the trade center,and market places nearby. Started early at 9:00 am. The shops open at 10:00 and close at 18:00. So Rena and I will do a lot of walking . Lets buy a map, spot the shopping centers and study the metro.  Lets target the shops we know and the areas they are and of course the magic request lies in the ones we do not know. Off we go then.
Oops its colder today people!

The first out of a series of trips that will follow
It was a very cold day

Of course you ll see doors,(doors are actually my favourite part in a trip), and streets and paths and amazing buildings in our journal. These are the elements that create the surrounding but there are people als. The basic element in a journal are people. Warm or cold ,(sometimes the colder are actually the warmer), funny, or serious, joyful or sad, they add the most important drops in a such a survey. Actually they feel warmer that most Europeans and they are very helpful. The also speak English !!! Thats a nice thing you know. It feels friendlier. Ah, the city, Brussels! Brussels are flat and easy to walk, and manageably big in terms of finding ones way. Check these out:

13:00 and freezing, already made a start with new potential buyers and now a small break is necessary to catch our breath and reorganize our steps, so lets have a snack and some famous Belgian chocolate, at Pauls bakery .
Oh God there are ten persons per minute ordering and eating or taking away a snack here, they must know a secret. Nice and warm for a while , check the map for the next stop and on the road again. Rena is good in tracking !!! It smells like the best is yet to come.
We sure are going to light up Europe


19:30 evening becomes chillier and we ve been walking for more that 8 hours, we visited more that 20 shops today, walked with Rena to 5 different market places, and most of them welcomed our approach. The liked hearing, we are from Greece and they liked hearing that we go abroad to introduce our Greek Designer brands to Europe and more. Happy to meet us , they will read and learn about us, about Showroom10. No promises made, but sure it was nice hearing that we marching our brands abroad. Thoughts and ideas and plans are rolling in my haed. So so excited. Each start always feel like a unique endless moment. Hard and soft at the same time.
Lets buy a cake and get back to our friends. Its my nameday guys!!!

21/1/2016 day 2: We are going to Antwerp. Antwerp is not only the heart of diamonds but also a different fashion capital as well as the 2nd biggest port in Europe, after Amstedam! Did you know that? Moreover guess what? Today the weather is on our side, cold but sunny!

Arrival at the central train station, check it out , its absolutely magnificent !!!

Central train station

Central train station

Walking along tha main market we see all the big wide know fabulous store chains as well as new ones . There is a lot of people in the streets shopping and touring as the day is rather warm for the place and season.


Now lets visit our selected boutiques. Here’s what I mean describing a shop as more than a shop and the scents are all around!

We met with interesting buyers , discovered our selected stores and came across new ones. We have a fashion picture of Antwerp and sure people know how to dress in this part of the world. Moreover this market is surrounded by pasrty shops and marvelous coffee places, that can definitely make you happy, so lets have a latte and perhaps a brownie!

Lets have a latte and perhaps a brownie!

As our journey is closing we are already thinking about the next one, there one more thing to see: Antwerp Fashion museum that happents to exhibit an exciting shoe history. Mysterious and magic the display was and we entered all the dark rooms…there is fashion history here because anything can be a shoe!

There is fashion history here because anything can be a shoe

Antwerp Fashion museum

Antwerp Fashion museum

Antwerp Fashion museum

Shoe exhibition

Amazing tour… but now we really have to anjoy a nice dinner! We deserve it after all and guess who is meeting us from Amsterdam?
Stavrianna will join us and spend a beautifull evening before we go back to our friends in Brussels. Not another word from me, let Stavrianna's Olympus talk.

Mia and Rena, by Stavrianna

Mia and Stavrianna. Who's missing?

Rena and Mia in the end of a beautiful journey

Goodbye Antwerp , we loved the city and the central station

Rena and Mia in the end of a beautiful journey

A little tired but so happy we return to our trip base.
Chat with our friends, share our stories and say goodbuy. See you soon in Greece guys.